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If your deck needs saving, the Deck Doctor is here to help. Our team of skilled and professional contractors is available to remove mold and mildew, seal and stain your deck, or offer industrial deck cleaning in Springfield, MO, and surrounding areas. We add on, rebuild and repair wooden fixtures and create outdoor structures designed to meet your household needs. Check out our list of services to learn more about how we can help you!

worker power cleaning deck in backyard

Deck Cleaning

Lack of maintenance, environmental wear-and-tear, and poor quality contribute to deck damage. Mold and mildew grow from trapped moisture inside your deck, weakening the wood and creating a hazardous setting for cracks, splits, gaps, and personal injury.

Deck cleaning protects your wood from UV rays and weather damage. The Deck Doctor uses high-powered, industrial-grade pressure washing tools guaranteed to remove all traces of built-up dirt and grime to yield a deeper and more efficient clean far beyond manual scrubbing.

Save yourself time and effort with our deck cleaning services in Springfield, MO.

Deck Building & Repair

Missouri seasons range from hot, humid summers to frigidly cold winters, which break down your wooden deck over time without the proper maintenance. Safety is a significant factor in deck building and repair in Springfield, MO, since many commercial and residential buildings have patios or outdoor structures.

Loose boards, rot, or nails sticking up create a dangerous setting for injuring yourself and damaging your home in the event of a deck collapse (which happens more often than you think).

We offer deck building and repair services with wooden planks, structural wood, and composite decks in Springfield, Missouri, that have the potential to last 10-15 years with the proper yearly upkeep.

We service all locations around the 417, including Joplin, Lebanon, Boliver, Clinton, Branson, Ava, Monett, Neosho, and more. 

New deck construction at a residential property
man sealing terrace board for outdoor deck attachment

Staining & Sealing

Our deck sealing and staining services protect your wood from environmental moisture and fungus growth, which extends your deck’s longevity, appearance, and safety.

Pest and ecological influences contribute to wood erosion, which can warp or bend the integrity of your wood, leading to deck collapse in severe cases.

Sealing and staining bring back the organic appearance of your deck, enhancing the wood grain and natural colors. The Deck Doctor is your number one choice for high-quality staining and sealing services in the Springfield, Missouri, area.

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If you would like to discuss your needs and obtain a quote, contact us today. We service Springfield, MO, and the surrounding areas. We look forward to working with you!